January 25, 2024

Ep. 6 | Mann’s Money


Professor Michael Mann continues to give evidence in his defamation case against writer Mark Steyn and scientist Rand Simberg. The soft questions from Mann’s lawyer ended today. Listen as he comes under relentless, but rather charming questioning from Rand Simberg‘s defense.

Mann is adamant that Simberg and Steyn’s statements were false. He says there was no fraud or misconduct in the creation of his Hockey Stick graph, and he refuted allegations that Penn State covered up his alleged scientific malfeasance.

Listen as Professor Mann claims he suffered financial damage, and was treated like a pariah after the articles came out. Among the indignities were mean looks from people in supermarkets 

However, Simberg’s lawyer used Mann’s own career evaluations to show his career and income had improved since the articles were published. She made the case that he suffered no damage. She had Mann describe his glamorous life in recent years with trips to the UK, Canada, Iceland, Ireland and Austria. Then we follow him to film festivals and book tours in between partying with Bill Clinton and Leonardo DiCaprio.

And stay tuned to the end for bombshell revelation about who is funding Michael Mann’s 12 year legal odyssey.

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