January 26, 2024

Ep. 7 |  Mann & Ann


Finally, the day Mark Steyn has been waiting for, for 12 years has arrived. Michael Mann is in the witness box, and must answer questions from the person he has tried to destroy for over a decade. 

Now you will get to hear the true story of the Climategate leaks, the hockey stick graph, world temperature records, and mean stares at supermarkets. (It happened In aisle nine, by the way).

On today’s episode, you’ll hear how Mann’s email accusing a fellow scientist of sleeping her way to a PhD actually proves he’s a Me Too supporter. Then we travel from the temperature records of 17th century England to the global tree rings of 1960. You’ll also hear, Mann admit he didn’t consult a statistician in constructing the hockey stick, and that his original calculations were “crude.” And in a dramatic opening, you’ll hear allegations that Michael Mann perjured himself in court and his legal filings.

Listen as the judge is forced to intervene between Mann and Steyn as tempers – and the room gets very, very heated.

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