January 24, 2024

Ep. 5 | Mann In the Box


Finally, after 12 years of litigation and delay, Professor Michael Mann goes into the witness box.

Is he entitled to millions of dollars in damages for two short articles written over a decade ago?

In a packed episode, you’ll also hear writer and broadcaster, Mark Steyn, in combative form, pushing back against Michael Mann’s lawyer. You’ll hear Steyn explain why he believes Mann benefited from a corrupt Penn State “phony investigation“. And you’ll hear questions about Mark Steyn’s educational qualifications, and if he really is “Doctor Dropout.”

Then Michael Mann gets to present his case to the jury. You’ll hear him claim that his reputation was damaged by the comparison of Penn State’s investigation into him with the investigation into Jerry Sandusky. Listen to Mann’s under-oath defense of the infamous “hide the decline” email from the ClimateGate dump. And Mann is questioned about describing an academic who questioned his statistics as “a white supremacist.”

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