February 9, 2024

Ep. 15 | Punitive Mann


The verdict is in, and it’s a shocker. We break down the jury’s shocking decision to

  1. Find Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg liable for defamation  
  2. Decide the defendants knew their statements were false 
  3. Punish Mark more than Rand for mostly repeating Rand’s words with some context

We have an exclusive comment from Mark Steyn on how he feels, and his next steps. The fight is not over. And, we ask if Free Speech still exists in liberal American cities? Or are there protected people and ideas that are just Too Big To Question.

But let’s not forget what we learned about Michael Mann during these four weeks of trial, like those emails about “human filth” colleagues and the female scientist he falsely claimed slept her way to the top. We also learned how the independent investigation into his scientific malfeasance was nobbled at the last moment. Will the Streisand Effect work against Mann? We intend to keep working to let the public know about the emails and documents that were presented in court but that the mainstream media have been ignoring.

Thanks for coming on this ride with us. This story is not over.

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