February 1, 2024

Ep. 10 | Nine Million Dollar Mann


Has Michael Mann’s case collapsed? Is the trial over before the defendants even present a  witness? It was a drama-filled day in court as Mark Steyn and his co-defendant’s lawyers urged the judge to dismiss the case. They claimed, and the judge appeared to agree, that Mann and his lawyers had failed to submit the allegedly defamatory articles to the jury. Was the case about to collapse on a technicality?

The judge also heard that Mann had failed to prove that the articles were damaging to his reputation, or even that he had suffered any injury. Apart from a mean stare in a supermarket, does Michael Mann have any proof he was damaged by the Steyn and Simberg articles? Or was he damaged by his “ClimateGate” emails, as his own witness accidentally blurted out? And did Mann’s lawyers present a false document to the jury?

And then you can hear one of America’s foremost data experts describe how Mann “manipulated” the figures to get a Hockey Stick

We await the judge’s decision on whether to dismiss the case before it even gets to the jury.

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