January 19, 2024

Ep. 3 | A Noble Mann?


The trial really got underway today with three gripping opening statements. The defendants’ words  “broke the bounds of decency,” according to Michael Mann’s lawyer. His combative opening set the tone for what became a very, very combative courtroom as the day went on. And you can hear all the drama here. The jury heard the accusations against Michael Mann were “vile.” But both defendants got to hit back. Their opening speeches slammed Mann’s Climate Change Hockey Stick graph and the “whitewash” investigations into his scientific method.

Rand Simberg’s lawyer said Mann is guilty of bullying, boycotting, and blacklisting members of his profession. She dismantled the idea that Mann was damaged at all by her client’s statements. “Inflammatory does not equal defamatory,” she said. Then came the masterclass in oratory from Mark Steyn. He’s defending himself and left no doubt that he stands by everything he has ever said about Michael Mann. Steyn described Mann as a “vicious blowhard”….who discriminates against, harasses, and bullies anybody who disagrees with him”. He said Mann’s Hockey Stick graph was a fraud and Mann himself was a fraud. Mann falsely claimed on numerous occasions to have won a Nobel Prize. 

You won’t want to miss this episode. Listen now to the riveting opening day of Climate Change On Trial.

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